Dating Fails

missed connections

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Jimmy Kimmel: Missed Connections

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Heavenly Hipsters: Like Shooting Knitwear Fish in a Barrel

Craigslist ad screenshot of two hippies that either miss each other or found each other.
By Unknown

Did You Forget Anything? LIKE YOUR SUBTLETY?

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By Unknown

Craigslist Creepy Cupid: Best Not to Call Your Stalking a "Peep Show"

Craigslist screen-shot of a person who peeped at a woman trying on a dress and wants to creep up on the reply.
By Unknown

Not Sure She's Going to Get Back to You

fighting with ducks is a great way to meet women
Via CityCaption

Let Me Mocha Sweet Love to You

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By kittyfacedcat

Pantsing: The Latest Way to Initiate Office Romance

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By Unknown

Craigslist Ad Sounds Straight Out of a Romantic Comedy Movie Script

Screen grab of a very honest dating post on Craigslist that might be TOO honest.
By AllieCat2013

He Likes the Assertive Type

Very funny post on Craigslist 'Missed Connection" of what sounds like a unisex bathroom in which the woman was banging on the door and the guy's penis was stuck in his zipper.
By RichiePops

Rebel Buck Seeks Rebel Doe

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By Carlisle

Dumpster Diving

bathroom bj craigslist missed connections We Are Dating - 5272197120
By Unknown

Where Are You Now, One-Eyed Charmer?

Craigslist posting of someone who saw a magical girl, and then her glass eye fell out and he is keeping it.
By Unknown

Sexual Harrassment: Don't Give Up on It!

Shocking Craigslist advertisement from a woman who had someone fondle her breasts on the train and now wants to meet him.
By Neal (Via

Pitchfork's Chicago Music Festival Produces the Hipster-iest Missed Connections

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Via Noisey

I'm Not Sure I Could Haul It for That Long

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By bl3azy

UPS Is Like the Hooters of Delivery

craigslist delivery missed connections UPS We Are Dating - 5073431808
By Unknown