Dating Fails

missed connections

I'd Love to Eat Your Meat

bacon craigslist missed connections We Are Dating - 5043261952
By Unknown

Silly Old Man, Pedobear Is for Kids!

Massive fail on Craigslist of a 60 year old man who uses Pedobear in his posting to meet someone.
By Mrs.Chievous

I'm Not Sure I Could Haul It for That Long

body craigslist missed connections We Are Dating - 5266391808
By bl3azy

I've Watched So Many, I'm Practically an Expert

Screen shot of a Craigslist fail of a person offering to be a camera man to film adult films.
By Unknown

They've Hit a Rough Patch in Their Relationship

argument craigslist face missed connections spat We Are Dating - 5196634880
By Unknown

Can You Be an Ichthyosaur?

costume craigslist dinosaur Hall of Fame missed connections - 5068517632
By Unknown

Green Cards Are Worth Their Weight in Gold

craigslist marriage missed connections We Are Dating - 5160324352
By Beckyhelene (Via

Dumpster Diving

bathroom bj craigslist missed connections We Are Dating - 5272197120
By Unknown

She Probably Eats Healthy

awesome farts missed connections funny - 8167543552
Via Reddit Loves You

Did You Forget Anything? LIKE YOUR SUBTLETY?

craigslist missed connections panties We Are Dating - 5080894208
By Unknown

Maybe It Was a Way of Telling You She Had Beans for Lunch

craigslist elevator farting farts missed connections We Are Dating - 5042447872
By Unknown

ISO Brrraaaainnnsss

Cute and funny advertisement by a disabled girl who says she is a zombie looking for someone who has brains.
By Valve00

I Can Smell Love In The Air

Via Reddit

Find Me, Girl, and We Will Freak Nasty 'Till Dawn

craigslist missed connections pimp smooth We Are Dating - 5117959936
By silveryswirls

On My Hindquarter, a Butterfly

craigslist missed connections We Are Dating - 5134384640
By silveryswirls (Via
missed connections jimmy kimmel wtf funny - 58097153

Jimmy Kimmel: Missed Connections

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