Dating Fails

missed connections

Foreigner and Near-Death... We Were Meant to Be!

Craigslist ad of a man who almost hit woman on a vespa and now wants to marry her.

You're Not Looking for a Sugar Daddy, You're Looking to Prostitute Yourself

craigslist missed connections prostitution sugar daddy We Are Dating - 5050743040
By Unknown

Craigslist Missed Connections, the Comic!

dolphins missed connections - 6511236352
Via Uptown Almanac

Rebel Buck Seeks Rebel Doe

craigslist missed connections redneck We Are Dating - 5128439808
By Carlisle

Your Ex Isn't the Only Crazy One

craigslist crazy ex insane missed connections We Are Dating - 5316325888
By That one Guy (Via

Can You Be an Ichthyosaur?

costume craigslist dinosaur Hall of Fame missed connections - 5068517632
By Unknown

Someone's Had Enough

craigslist Hall of Fame missed connections - 5114055936
By foxhound52 (Via

Did You Forget Anything? LIKE YOUR SUBTLETY?

craigslist missed connections panties We Are Dating - 5080894208
By Unknown

Just Like Dating Womp Rats Back Home

craigslist Hall of Fame missed connections star wars - 5154633216
By Lestat

Find Me, Girl, and We Will Freak Nasty 'Till Dawn

craigslist missed connections pimp smooth We Are Dating - 5117959936
By silveryswirls

Full Metal Jacket Is Neither Romantic Nor Comedy

craigslist missed connections movies We Are Dating - 5071265536
By Popito (Via

I'd Like to Get That Meat Back In You, Knowwutimean

Screen-grab of an ad on Craigslist of a person looking for someone they say hurling meat out of their mouth in a waffle house.
By MidAbsentia

Maybe It Was a Way of Telling You She Had Beans for Lunch

craigslist elevator farting farts missed connections We Are Dating - 5042447872
By Unknown

Heavenly Hipsters: Like Shooting Knitwear Fish in a Barrel

Craigslist ad screenshot of two hippies that either miss each other or found each other.
By Unknown

Green Cards Are Worth Their Weight in Gold

craigslist marriage missed connections We Are Dating - 5160324352
By Beckyhelene (Via

I'd Love to Eat Your Meat

bacon craigslist missed connections We Are Dating - 5043261952
By Unknown
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