Dating Fails

missed connections

Make Love While the Earth Shakes: Aftermath of the Titanic East Coast North American Armageddon-Quake

craigslist missed connections We Are Dating - 5122391040
Created by Unknown

UPS Is Like the Hooters of Delivery

craigslist delivery missed connections UPS We Are Dating - 5073431808
Created by Unknown

Dumpster Diving

bathroom bj craigslist missed connections We Are Dating - 5272197120
Created by Unknown

She Probably Eats Healthy

awesome farts missed connections funny - 8167543552
Via Reddit Loves You

Find Me, Girl, and We Will Freak Nasty 'Till Dawn

craigslist missed connections pimp smooth We Are Dating - 5117959936
Created by silveryswirls

The Office Trollop

craigslist job missed connections oral sex We Are Dating work - 5181438976

You're Not Looking for a Sugar Daddy, You're Looking to Prostitute Yourself

craigslist missed connections prostitution sugar daddy We Are Dating - 5050743040
Created by Unknown

Your Ex Isn't the Only Crazy One

craigslist crazy ex insane missed connections We Are Dating - 5316325888
Created by That one Guy ( Via )

Silly Old Man, Pedobear Is for Kids!

Massive fail on Craigslist of a 60 year old man who uses Pedobear in his posting to meet someone.
Created by Mrs.Chievous

The Most Awkward Missed Connection

fedora missed connections idiots nice guys wtf dating - 8343591424
Via Jezebel

That's One Connection He Wishes He Missed

aids craigslist hiv missed connections STD sti We Are Dating - 5085307136
Created by Liz

I Want to Thpend All My Time With You!

Not so funny Craigslist ad of someone making fun of Drew Barrymore's lisp.
Created by Unknown

Craigslist Ad Sounds Straight Out of a Romantic Comedy Movie Script

Screen grab of a very honest dating post on Craigslist that might be TOO honest.
Created by AllieCat2013

Food Pr0n

craigslist fast food fat food missed connections We Are Dating - 5124124928
Created by johnny_p ( Via )

Heavenly Hipsters: Like Shooting Knitwear Fish in a Barrel

Craigslist ad screenshot of two hippies that either miss each other or found each other.
Created by Unknown

"I Witnessed a Missed Connection Today at the Gas Station"

missed connections FAIL gas dating - 8799889920
Via adam434
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