Dating Fails

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The Best Bouquet a Girl Could Get

wtf love funny dating g rated - 8360792832
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This 5th Grader Has Thought a Lot About Love

fifth grader gives lengthy response to a love note
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Sometimes You Can Be Too Hot

hot funny sun dating g rated - 8081228800
By Unknown
videos overly attached girlfriend g rated dating - 52634369

A Day in the Life of a Normally Attached Girlfriend

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Troll Dad Makes A Great First Impression

dating farted farting girlfriend g rated rage comic troll dad - 5618439936
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Better Than a Relationship

funny relationships the internets dating g rated - 8304441088
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This Twelve-Year-Old Knows What's Up...

kids relationships parenting dating g rated - 8036294912
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Who Would Do Such a Thing?

dating fails g rated gay marriage - 6369011968
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Gentlemen, This Is What You Should Propose With

ring prank funny mug g rated dating - 8405962240
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What Is The Weirdest Valentine's Gift You've Ever Received?

Why would you get each other these pajamas?
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Some People Will Do Anything for Sex

Screen grab of a posting on Craigslist of a woman who is looking for someone to fart on her son's pet turtle, clothes, and briefcase.
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The Quickest Way to Get a Hotel Trip to Your Couch

marriage prank funny dating g rated - 7821604352
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Carrots: Good for You and Your Relationships

forever alone etsy g rated dating - 8150979840
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Video dating g rated - 57682689

This Scottish Performance of "Peter Pan" Has a Very Special Ending

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Not a Mug You Want Your Dad to Own

world's horniest dad mug
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conan obrien funny Video celeb g rated dating - 55305473

Stephen Merchant Just Wishes Dating Was Like the Old Days. You Know, Where Everybody Just Died.

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