Dating Fails

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Brian Strikes Back

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I Bet He's On The Swim Team

funny tinder image I Bet He's On The Swim Team
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He's Not a Memeber

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The Basis of Any Healthy Relationship

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Communication Is Key

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boyfriend cuddle in bed girlfriend dating fails g rated - 6940898304
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No One Likes You...

girls funny idiots online dating dating g rated - 8168410624
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Because Pirates Need Companionship Too

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Way to Go Taco Bell

taco bell wtf hot sauce proposal funny g rated dating - 8106510848
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Want to Find a Little Chemistry in Your Love?

Chemistry nerds funny science love g rated dating - 8101268224
Created by JoeO

And Men Love Every Second of it

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If the Police Box is Wibbly-Wobbling, Don't Come a-Knocking

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The Only Reason You Need to Let Her Stay in Bed

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Give George a Little Credit!

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Move Over, GTA V

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It Wasn't Supposed to End This Way

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