Dating Fails

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Sometimes Love Isn't Enough

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The Burrito of Love and Compassion

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"You Like My Shirt, Wanna Get Married?"

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Trust Me, You're Creepy

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You've Seen Subtle Text Messaging Hints Like These

Image of text explaining the various ways to use the phrase OKAY in a text to denote completely different responses.
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Please, Respect the Grapes

wine should never be an inspiration for drunk dialing.
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Consider This a Helpful Guide to Spending Your Life All Alone

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Now That's a Wife

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Scumbag Girlfriend Logic

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Words to Live By

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Your Special Day is Less Special Than These Push Notifications

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Wedding Logic at its Finest

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That's A Dino-Mite Pickup Line

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Ice Cream Trumps Girlfriends

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"Sin Stick" That's a New One

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