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Failbook. Where all the dumb things everyone thought they deleted are posted by their friends for others to laugh at and enjoy their inexplicable lack of a thought process. Remember - think before you post.

facebook fails that involved relationship and their demise

15 Examples of Why Facebook and Relationships Don't Mix

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facebook rant about women

Guy Goes On An Insane Cringe-Fueled Facebook Rant About Women and Starts Tagging Girls After Nobody Responds

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You Know It's Been Too Long When...

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By Phaewryn

The Greatest Double Standard of Them All

men vs women dating fails g rated failbook - 6865792512
By Unknown

Thirsty Girl Is Served the Ultimate Dish of Truth When She Tries to Call Out Men for Being Dogs

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Via ebaumsworld

I don't Want Anything to Be Spoiled From the First Two

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By Unknown


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Via distinguishedbaloney
pickup lines Pokémon pokemon go failbook facebook - 895749

This Dude's Pokémon GO Puns Deserve All the Gym Badges

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woman gets blocked for speaking against dick pics

Lady Gets Kicked off Facebook for BRILLIANT Reponses to an Unwanted Dick Pic

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