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Failbook. Where all the dumb things everyone thought they deleted are posted by their friends for others to laugh at and enjoy their inexplicable lack of a thought process. Remember - think before you post.

That Profile Pic, Though

kid walks in on parents having sex dad delivers perfect response
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The Dad's Rules for Daughter Dating

If he sticks to rule number 10, he's going to be kissing you a lot.
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Cheaters Never Prosper

dating cheating failbook facebook - 8812083712
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Will You McMarry Me?

Food - Ann 2 hours ago via Mobile I said yes :D with Dennis Share and 54 others like this.
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Now That's a Sexy Pic

funny online dating text sexy pics failbook g rated - 8361531648
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Don't Get Cocky, Kid

failbook parenting facebook dating justin bieber - 8802128896
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Any Takers?

failbook facebook wedding soccer - 8804211712
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Take the XBox and Run

failbook facebook breakup dating - 8823185152
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Because This Totally Won't Appear on His GF's News Feed

failbook facebook engagement dating - 8804648704
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Related Links FTW

failbook facebook dating - 8814565120
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Young Love Kills

failbook facebook romeo and juliet - 8973503744
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Those Eyes Don't Lie

failbook parenting facebook - 8969444608
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guy comments on girls breasts on instagram and it's incredibly cringeworthy - cover image for a list of cringe photos

20 Cringe Inducing Moments Brought to You By People That Should Be Banned From the Internet

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facebook fails that involved relationship and their demise

15 Examples of Why Facebook and Relationships Don't Mix

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Mr. Steal Yo Girl

guy flirts with girl on facebook boyfriend responds
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Mr. Romance

failbook facebook engagement - 8969516032
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