Dating Fails


Even Bruno Mars Thinks You're a Little Too Committed

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Created by Em Koala

There's No Way

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tweets about creepy house

Twitter Story About A Married Couple And A Creepy House Is Straight Out Of A Horror Movie

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Ummm. No.

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Created by madison.bell.94

The OAG Card

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Way to Ruin the Chat, Kyle

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It's Just You and Me and the Roadkill, Sweet Stuff

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creepy terrible boyfriends on facebook

19 Insane and Creepy Facebook Boyfriends Who Are Massive Red Flags

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Something About This Is Just Creepy

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Via Terrible Tinder Tales

We've All Been There

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creepy guy texting

Woman's Texts With Manipulative Psycho Escalate Sickeningly Quickly

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Mr. Cumberbatch Does Not Appreciate Your Advances

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Cleverbot is a Teenage Girl

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Created by Anyastazya

You Don't Want to Know What Happens When They Escape into the World

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Girl live-tweets extremely entertaining and awkward date with old man she meets through OkCupid Dating Service.

Girl Live Tweets Cringe-Soaked Date With Old Man She Met On OkCupid

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Well, That's Not Terrifying

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Via The Douches of Online Dating