Dating Fails


No. No I Can't.

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That's so Sweet! Now, How do I File a Restraining Order?

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you have a very pretty face I'd like to add it to my mask collection - guys send creepy messages to women

15 Guys Who Skipped Formalities and Went Straight Into Creep Mode

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Kids, Don't Do S&S

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Valentine's Gets a Little Creepy

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It's Not Like You're Using Your Body Anymore Anyway

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Don't You Remember Me?!

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It's Eternal

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You Don't Want to Know What Happens When They Escape into the World

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By Unknown

It's Not Creepy It's Sweet...

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Bro, Run While You Have the Chance

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tweets about creepy house

Twitter Story About A Married Couple And A Creepy House Is Straight Out Of A Horror Movie

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Need Your Mother to Get You Your Prom Date?

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Need Makeout Tips?

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All Aboard the Creep Train!

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Sasha Grey Reads Some Creepy Texts

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