Dating Fails


And...Moving On

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Kids, Don't Do S&S

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He's Definitely Shady

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Valentines Can Be Creepy

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Research Mission to Nowhere

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It's Not Like You're Using Your Body Anymore Anyway

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Well, That's Not Terrifying

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What if H.P. Lovecraft Wanted to Get You Hooked Up?

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Stop Messaging Me, Gramps

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Welcome to the Forever Alone Championships!

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Thirsty and creepy DMS from dude who doesn't know how to stop

Thirsty Creep Loses All Common Sense and Won't Stop Harassing a Girl on Facebook

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Buy Yourself a "Love Machine"

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But Then That Means You Actually Do Date Them Too...

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Not Sure if Creepy or Genius

using business cards to pickup girls
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It's Gonna Be a Weird Night

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