Dating Fails


Pantsing: The Latest Way to Initiate Office Romance

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That's One Connection He Wishes He Missed

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Created by Unknown

Love Can Be Found Anywhere

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Someone's Had Enough

craigslist Hall of Fame missed connections - 5114055936
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This Craigslist Ad Is Either a Clever Ruse By Cops, or the Worst Instance of Helicopter Parenting Ever

Craigslist ad screenshot of a woman that is looking for a girl for her son to loose his virginity to.

Sometimes It's All About Your Buds

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How Hard is it to Get Young Attractive Men to Do Your Work for a Nominal Fee?

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Strange Things Happen in a Crowd

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Paid Companionship With No Benefits

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Created by temptationable

I'd Like to Get That Meat Back In You, Knowwutimean

Screen-grab of an ad on Craigslist of a person looking for someone they say hurling meat out of their mouth in a waffle house.
Created by MidAbsentia

Desperate Nerds Are Desperate

craigslist desperate missed connections nerd We Are Dating - 5050779904

He's a Real Sweetheart

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No Nick Cave for the Lady!

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This Man is a God among Level 32 Night Elves

Craigslist post that totally dominates whatever basement it came out of.
Created by Unknown

I Guess He Heard

Blonde in the coat farted personals ad
Via Dunksterp

"JO" Stands For, Um... Playing Checkers

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