Dating Fails


Foreigner and Near-Death... We Were Meant to Be!

Craigslist ad of a man who almost hit woman on a vespa and now wants to marry her.

I Don't Know What I Should Do With My Finger and Keyboard

craigslist Fetish sm We Are Dating - 5425272064
Created by smerikalynn ( Via )

Creepy Cupid: Photograph Me Like One of Your French Girls

craigslist disneyland missed connections We Are Dating - 5080922880

We All Have a Personal Collection Like This, Right?

craigslist creepy bewbs funny - 7686149376
Created by neongirl1049

Dumpster Diving

bathroom bj craigslist missed connections We Are Dating - 5272197120

Roommates With Benefits

craigslist Hall of Fame missed connections roommates - 5048146176
Created by RainDance

Shrek Uses Craigslist?

craigslist wtf shrek funny - 8131319808
Via Shrek Personals

Demotivational Never Fails to Get a F*ck Buddy

craigslist friends with benefits missed connections We Are Dating - 5154232832
Created by Vanna0900

Sexual Harrassment: Don't Give Up on It!

Shocking Craigslist advertisement from a woman who had someone fondle her breasts on the train and now wants to meet him.

Someone's Had Enough

craigslist Hall of Fame missed connections - 5114055936
Created by foxhound52 ( Via )

He's Got a Great Rack

bewbs craigslist funny idiots - 8243685376
Via Purple Haze1274

UPS Is Like the Hooters of Delivery

craigslist delivery missed connections UPS We Are Dating - 5073431808

Just Because They're Asian Doesn't Mean They Read Manga

craigslist Hall of Fame japanese manga missed connections specific - 5047859968
Created by DancingJesus


craigslist missed connections We Are Dating yoga - 5098551296

I Guess He Heard

Blonde in the coat farted personals ad
Via Dunksterp
Craigslist missed connection of mysterious farter at Trader Joe's

This Weird Craigslist Missed Connection Involves a Mysterious Farter at Trader Joe's

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