Dating Fails


Blood Leaves a Scent for Sharks to Follow

craigslist missed connections period tampon We Are Dating - 5084192000
By G12G (Via

Green Cards Are Worth Their Weight in Gold

craigslist marriage missed connections We Are Dating - 5160324352
By Beckyhelene (Via

Tough Guy

craigslist fighting missed connections We Are Dating - 5047985920
By Ana Krunic

Meeting the Parents Went a Little Too Well

breaking up cheating craigslist missed connections parents We Are Dating - 5148908032
By ahthestars (Via

The "Experience" of a Thousand 2D Bodies

art craigslist missed connections We Are Dating - 5071295488
By Popito (Via

Make Love While the Earth Shakes: Aftermath of the Titanic East Coast North American Armageddon-Quake

craigslist missed connections We Are Dating - 5122391040
By Unknown

Paid Companionship With No Benefits

craigslist escort hanging out hot We Are Dating - 5395081216
By temptationable

Just Because They're Asian Doesn't Mean They Read Manga

craigslist Hall of Fame japanese manga missed connections specific - 5047859968
By DancingJesus

He Wants Serious Gamer Girls Only

craigslist wtf funny dating - 8419221504
By Unknown

He Likes the Assertive Type

Very funny post on Craigslist 'Missed Connection" of what sounds like a unisex bathroom in which the woman was banging on the door and the guy's penis was stuck in his zipper.
By RichiePops

Craigslist Ad Sounds Straight Out of a Romantic Comedy Movie Script

Screen grab of a very honest dating post on Craigslist that might be TOO honest.
By AllieCat2013

I Can Smell Love In The Air

Via Reddit

Heavenly Hipsters: Like Shooting Knitwear Fish in a Barrel

Craigslist ad screenshot of two hippies that either miss each other or found each other.
By Unknown

Foreigner and Near-Death... We Were Meant to Be!

Craigslist ad of a man who almost hit woman on a vespa and now wants to marry her.

That's One Connection He Wishes He Missed

aids craigslist hiv missed connections STD sti We Are Dating - 5085307136
By Liz

Love Can Be Found Anywhere

craigslist fart missed connections funny dating - 8274859776
Via The Sourpuss
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