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People reveal what they view as infidelity in a relationship.

55 People Reveal What They Label As "Infidelity" In A Relationship

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Woman brutally insults a married man that tried to cheat on his wife with her during text conversation.

Woman Brings Down the Brutal Thunder on Married Man Trying to Cheat With Her

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This is Exactly Why You Don't Cheat on a Guy That Can Spit Fire on a Track

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Wonder What This Is All About?

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Pro Tip: Always Log Out of Your Social Media Accounts

Pro Tip: Always Log Out of Your Social Media Accounts
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Cheating ex tries to get her man back but he is really not interested.

Man Shuts His Cheating Ex Down With One Brutal Text

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She Didn't Get The "Semper Fi" Part

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A Not So Hairy Situation

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Listen to This Tale of a Betrayed-Groom's Savage Retaliation on His Cheating Bride

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Cuckolded Husband Sells Wife's Wedding Dress

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cars what cheating funny Video - 55717121

A Man Scorned: This Guy Demolishes his Own Home Over an Affair

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Shopping For A Side Piece

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Not the Best Hotel Review

Don't cheat in a hotel with your husband's creditcard.
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Wrong Question

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That Awkward Moment When...

Awkward cheating dating - 8803692800
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