Dating Fails


guy takes selfie with his sleeping cheating girlfriend

Guy Catches Girlfriend Cheating And Takes Savage Selfie-Ridden Revenge

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Goldilocks Took a Weird Turn

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She Heard it in a Country Song

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This Girlfriend Gets the Best Revenge on her Cheating Ex

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Birthday Surprise

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Which Came First?

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People that have cheated share stories of how their affairs began and ended. | have great job now and new girl wants move up here as soon as she graduates really thought loved my wife But nothing compares love feel new one s almost unhealthy suffer so she never has Its been wild year and don't think my wife and would have been together forever so better now then later guess just want be happy. And as cliche as is heart wants heart wants not proud way happened but living great town with great job

31 Cheaters Share Stories of How Their Affairs Began and Ended

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Anything For JTT

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Listen to This Tale of a Betrayed-Groom's Savage Retaliation on His Cheating Bride

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Talk Bikes to Me, Abby

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patient lists mistress as emergency contact | Posted by u/eatapeach18 3 days ago called d my patient's mistress, but just doing told oc L This happened back 2009 working part time at doctor's office while nursing school one receptionists and did all filing and cataloguing and such boring work, but doctor (my boss) guaranteed job after nursing school so 's why did This particular doctor an orthopedic surgeon had lots patients coming MRIS, CT scans, and X-rays. This one particular patient, Frank

Patient Lists Their Mistress as Emergency Contact, Gets Exposed

It's a strange decision for sure.
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Shhh She Just Doesn't Understand Us

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The Husband Seems Greatful

husband writes letter to man sleeping with his wife
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FAIL Wait For It cheating dating - 80389889

Angry Russian Girl Tries to Sabotage Boyfriend's Car for Cheating

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Only Cheating If Roofies Are Involved

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This Dude's Got Priorities

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