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This Girlfriend Gets the Best Revenge on her Cheating Ex

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Pro Tip: Always Log Out of Your Social Media Accounts

Pro Tip: Always Log Out of Your Social Media Accounts
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Cuckolded Husband Sells Wife's Wedding Dress

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Girlfriend Goes Crazy When Cheating Prank She Plays on Boyfriend Takes Insane Incestual Turn

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Cheating FAIL

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The Brain is Not Immune to This Nonsense

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What Does My Girl Say?

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It's All About That High Score

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This Crazy Girl Hid in her Boyfriend's Trunk After She Found Out He Was Cheating

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You Know What Makes Cheating On Your Wife Better? Finger Sandwiches.

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Girl Offers to Pay Plumber With a BJ For Services Rendered, To Catch a Cheater

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Every Day I'm Two-Timin'

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People share sad and crazy stories of what they did after finding out they'd been cheated on.

43 People Share What They Did After Finding Out They'd Been Cheated On

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And You Didn't Dump Him Because...?

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Someone's About To Get Some Sports-Related Injuries

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