Dating Fails


She's Trickier Than Chris Hansen

She's Trickier Than Chris Hansen
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Wrong Question

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No Nick Cave for the Lady!

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Biologists Help Rationalize the Heartbreak of Why People Cheat in a Relationship

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cheating girlfriend caught

Cheating Instagram Model Gets Exposed As An Escort By Clever, Vengeful Boyfriend

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I Think He's on a Magic Carpet in the Corner Over There

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She Heard it in a Country Song

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Litmus Up Yer Butt

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Angry Russian Girl Tries to Sabotage Boyfriend's Car for Cheating

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You're the Better-er Headline Writers, Editors

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Well Played

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Maybe it Would be Better to Just Accept the Breakup

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Japanese Woman Dumps All Her Cheating Boyfriend's Apple Gear in the Tub

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Nope, Not Cheating...

they're spies, not cheaters
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Shopping For A Side Piece

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The Husband Seems Greatful

husband writes letter to man sleeping with his wife
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