Dating Fails


How a Real Boyfriend Holds the Door Open

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Relationships Are A Two Way Street

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Try to Be Better Than This

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It's So Cold In The Shade

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When Ruining Photos Isn't Enough, Now Your Annoying Boyfriend is Ruining Your Snap Stories

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Meeting The New Boyfriend

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When Suddenly, a Boyfriend

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The Only Man That Won't Give You a Headache

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Girlfriends Describe Their Boyfriends' Junk To A Police Sketch Artist

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Relationship Memes To Send To Your Special Someone

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19 Insane and Creepy Facebook Boyfriends Who Are Massive Red Flags

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Sounds Like One Hell of a Guy

The sexiest of turing tests
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When Your GF Wants To Spice Up Your Game

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This Is How You Know Your Boyfriend Is a Jerk

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And You Didn't Dump Him Because...?

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There's A Third Wheel In This Relationship Named Dovakhiin

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