Dating Fails

bad idea

Go Ahead, Do It

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By Unknown

Things Not to Do on the First Date

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Via Brown Cardigan

Challenge Accepted

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Via The_Bum_Digity

Well, That's a Bit Unsettling

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By Unknown

Happens in Every Relationship

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By Unknown

The Dice Want You to Suffocate?

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Via Urulokid

A Living Document from the Worst Relationship Ever

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By Unknown

The Bike Lane Won't Protect You From This Explosive Accident

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By Unknown

Just a List of Don'ts Would Be Nice

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Via Rockasaurus Rex

Just Like a Lawnmower

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Via El Chip

Seems Like an Easy Plan

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Via unknown

A 1% Chance Is Still a Chance

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Via Serexdipity

Uh Oh...

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By trevman232

It Might Not Win Your Boyfriend Over, But This Should Make Him Laugh

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By Unknown

The Only Proper Response

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By Unknown

And a Boyfriend is Like a Brother You can Dump

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By Unknown
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