Dating Fails

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It's Gonna Be a Weird Night

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Be Careful Who You Give Your Heart to

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Need to Please Your Man? Change Everything About Yourself!

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6 Things About Dating in LA

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The Dice Want You to Suffocate?

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An Honest Question

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The Ol' Switcheroo!

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My Guess Is He Was Forced Down the Garbage Disposal

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The 7 Worst Valentine's Day Gifts

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Don't Text and Drive

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These Dates Seem to Be Going Well

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And a Boyfriend is Like a Brother You can Dump

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Do Not Date Them...

A terrifying ostrich should not be your tinder pic
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Stop Talking About Your Exes

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Everyone's Favorite Smut Site Had a Very Special Way of Celebrating MLK Day Yesterday

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Go Ahead, Do It

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