Dating Fails

bad idea

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Need Some Gadgets for Your Date?

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A Little Guide for the Men

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Try a New Strategy

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The 7 Worst Valentine's Day Gifts

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He's on His Way

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Be Careful Who You Give Your Heart to

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My Guess Is He Was Forced Down the Garbage Disposal

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The Bike Lane Won't Protect You From This Explosive Accident

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This April Fools It's a Bad Idea to "Prank" Breakup

pranks lead to probelms
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You've Never Seen Valentine's Deals Like This

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CLASSIC: Life Expectancy Explained in One Picture

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Need to Please Your Man? Change Everything About Yourself!

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Things Not to Do on the First Date

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And You Thought This Was Romance

your ex thinks it's going to get better
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Worst Opening Line Ever

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OMG So Kewt

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