Ever heard that men think about every 7 seconds, or 8,000 times a day! Well that's false. Men actually think about sex 19 times a day and women 10 according to current research/ Sex is something that binds us, penetrates us.... wait what? Anyways, Sex and sex memes, gifs, and everything to do with sex is all you'll find here and much more.

Oh, Wordplay

sex - 5642839040

God You're So Difficult

annoying au natural clothes relationships sex - 5653798144
Created by Unknown

There's a Difference

anal buttsecks insults sex swearing swears - 5379529984
Created by Unknown

Flattery Will Get You Everywhere

flirting relationships sex - 5999729408
Created by Unknown

Nature's Bathroom Fetish

pee relationships sex sushi urine - 5435933440
Created by Unknown

Too Hot to Handle

drunk relationships sex - 5530310912
Created by Unknown

The Correct Answer Was "Steve Jobs," But We'll Also Accept Your Answer

dead Death forever alone relationships sex single - 5331638016
Created by Unknown

Sex Waits for No Pooper

dating poop pooping relationships romantic sex - 5422863616
Created by thatawkwardgirl

Sends Shivers Down My Spine, Body's Aching All the Time

auto correct Music queen sex - 5472009984
Created by ElisnotEllis

When Your Boss Cares a Little Too Much

auto correct boss SEC sex work - 5798369280
Created by blade00

Feels Quite Nice, Actually!

dating ex p33n relationships sex vag - 5778160384
Created by Paul Cheek

Fun With Toys

dating kawaii nerd Pokémon relationships sex - 6004370432
Created by Unknown

Freudian Slips Are Like Autocorrects for People

au natural autocorrect Hall of Fame sex - 5352863232
Created by Unknown

Performance Matters

conception parenting sex - 5621177088
App pr0n sex Video - 35788289

The Geometric Pr0n0gr4phy App That Was Too Hot for Apple

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A Dirty Thing You Can Do With Your iPad

ipad pr0n sex - 5737745920
Created by Unknown