Ever heard that men think about every 7 seconds, or 8,000 times a day! Well that's false. Men actually think about sex 19 times a day and women 10 according to current research/ Sex is something that binds us, penetrates us.... wait what? Anyways, Sex and sex memes, gifs, and everything to do with sex is all you'll find here and much more.

God You're So Difficult

annoying au natural clothes relationships sex - 5653798144
Created by Unknown

Siri Likes to Bare It All

condom pregnancy protection sex siri - 5602418176
Created by McFamous

You Gotta Dream, Man

sex - 5887892480

Auto Correct Has a Good Probability of Being Accurate

auto correct dating dtf sex STD sti - 5603816448
Created by Unknown

And Not in a Sexual Way

auto correct cheating dating friend sex - 5844416256
Created by Unknown

Never Get Wet for Strangers

sex Trolling Wrong Numbers wrong number - 5668715520
Created by Nahuel18

Not-So-Secret Life of the American Teenager

alcohol drugs parenting sex television TV - 5443491584
Created by Unknown

Periodically Embarrassing

embarrassing mom parent parenting period sex - 5389916416
Created by Unknown

I'm Sorry, Semen, But Your Call Cannot Be Completed as Dialed

condom indestructible nokia nokia sex - 6028277760
Created by Unknown

An Accurate Auto Correct

auto correct booty call drinking drunk Hey heyyyy sex shortcut - 5778250240
Created by Unknown

Usually the Naked Part Needs to Come First

anal anal sex dating naked relationships sex siri - 5485959168
Created by wallbummer

Me Neither

forever alone orgasm sex siri - 5521446912
Created by Unknown

Feels Quite Nice, Actually!

dating ex p33n relationships sex vag - 5778160384
Created by Paul Cheek

Fun With Toys

dating kawaii nerd Pokémon relationships sex - 6004370432
Created by Unknown

Auto Correct Decrees It

auto correct duck sex stop - 5589944064

Someone's Earning His Red Wings Tonight

dating moses period relationships sex - 5467710208
Created by Unknown
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