It's Samsung's REALLY Aggressive Marketing Campaign

apple iphone Samsung - 6596862720
Created by Unknown

10 Apple Fans Butthurt That Android Got Instagram

apple apple fanboys AutocoWrecks instagram iphone - 6067929600
Created by Unknown
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The Fix'd iPhone "Rock God" Commercial

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Don't Be That Guy

douche that guy iphone g rated AutocoWrecks - 7097162752
Created by Unknown

Returned iPhone Reward WIN

iphone lost money - 5888224000
Created by Unknown

This Is Why I Named My iPhone "Hymen"

iphone sex twitter Will Ferrell - 5702017280
Created by Unknown

Life Without Whales

android g rated iphone iphone whale mobile phone texting whale - 5535442944

If Dogs Could Text, Part II

AutocoWrecks iphone texts from dog tumblr - 6100552192
Via Texts From Dog

And I'm Disappointed Every Time

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Created by Unknown

I Can't See Past Your Finger

text picture mom iphone - 7416491008
Created by dr.trollzalot

So Majestic!

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Created by Unknown

Eh. It's 9:21ish.

iphone - 6103209216
Created by iamjknet

Vodka is the Universal Cure

alcohol iphone vodka - 6123230720
Created by John Hayes


dad blackberry iphone iphone 5 - 6682484480
Created by Unknown

Batman Problems

AutocoWrecks batman g rated Hall of Fame iphone mobile phones superheroes - 5617490688
Created by Unknown

Harry Potter's iPhone

App AutocoWrecks g rated Hall of Fame Harry Potter iphone screen - 5689196544
Created by Unknown
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