auto correct

I'll Butter Those Buns

auto correct valentine Valentines day - 5840586752
Created by Unknown

An Accurate Auto Correct

auto correct booty call drinking drunk Hey heyyyy sex shortcut - 5778250240
Created by Unknown

Jobs Had Some Funny Ideas About Where Milk Came From

auto correct milk steve jobs - 5540621312
Created by Unknown

Dinner With the In-Laws Is a Roast in Hell

auto correct mother satan - 6044566528
Created by Unknown

Angry Sisters

angry birds auto correct facebook sister ugly - 5589416448
Created by RobotSpider

You Need More Umlauts

auto correct autocorrect - 5447912192

As Long as It's Near a Restroom I Won't Ask Questions

auto correct poop pooping - 5503969024
Created by Unknown

Love on 88 Keys

auto correct Music - 5883321600
Created by Unknown

Will I Pay Collect, or in Vaginal Flatulence?

auto correct autocorrects AutocoWrecks g rated mobile phones texting vagina - 5613944832
Created by Unknown

One Can Never Rub Enough

auto correct autocorrect running - 5418783744
Created by DeanWinchester

First World Auto Correct Problems

auto correct First World Problems meme - 5525942016
Created by Unknown

More Turkey for Me

auto correct autocorrect grandma thanksgiving - 5407104256
Created by Unknown

What Else Would You Expect From Someone Named "Noodles?"

auto correct eating fart food typo - 6061535744
Created by Unknown

At 68, Jagger Probably Has SOME Man-Boobs

auto correct boobs Music - 5783086336
Created by Unknown

It's Funny Because It's True...

auto correct beeyotch - 5465333248
Created by ajDill42

I'd Get in That Caboose

auto correct gay - 5800406784
Created by PyroDC
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