auto correct

What a Total Doughnut Hole

auto correct friends put-downs - 5619000576
By briannacarter21

Dinner With the In-Laws Is a Roast in Hell

auto correct mother satan - 6044566528
By Unknown

Autocowrecks: I Was Just Supposed to Say the Dimples Part to Myself

auto correct AutocoWrecks bridge dating dimples first date Hall of Fame mobile phone nipples relationships sexting texting - 5563768832
By brandi3981

You Shut Your Whole Mouth

auto correct love typo - 5671078656
By Unknown

I Will Succor You With the Sweet Milk of My Love I Mean Uh OK Cool

auto correct dating relationships - 5502576896
By kiyndri

Tyrannosaurus Wrecks, the Magical Pooping Dinosaur

auto correct dinosaur drunk last night mad poop - 5492604928
By Unknown

First World Auto Correct Problems

auto correct First World Problems meme - 5525942016
By Unknown

And His Sidekick, Booby the Boy Wonder

auto correct batman - 5833673216
By Unknown


animals auto correct autocorrect AutocoWrecks bang gurl Hall of Fame mobile phone sex sexy times - 5506317056
By ferrarixf430

To be Fair, They Both Involve Meat

auto correct penis pizza - 5488917504
By TerminatorKitteh

It's Who's Inside That Counts

auto correct cannibalism typo - 5583045376
By Unknown


auto correct Hey prank - 5906939136
Via Leaping Back

Successful Troll Shortcut Is Successful

auto correct Hey shortcut - 5492846336

Dat Bough

auto correct marriage trees wedding - 5614008064
By Unknown

Pushing the Right Buttons

auto correct happy sex shortcut - 5620976384
By Unknown

Worst Time to Fall Asleep

asleep auto correct sleeping typo - 5653562624
By Unknown
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