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You Need More Umlauts

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Mommy's Drug Addiction Revealed

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Damned If You Do, Damned If You Don't

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Created by Unknown

A Merry Zphlgyp to All, and a Happy New Stxlmp!

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Created by Duperandoo ( Via Nedroid )

Gulliver's Travel Plans

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Created by Diplomatt

Got to Get My Forty Winks

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Created by Unknown

Trolling Basketball Players

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My Ex Turned Me Gay

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Yellow Thumbed

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Created by Unknown

Bell Invented the Phone for This Very Reason

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Created by Unknown

You Need Some Auto Correct Antibodies

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Created by Blargh

Happy New Heater!

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Created by TrickyWalrus


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At 68, Jagger Probably Has SOME Man-Boobs

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Created by Unknown

Hey Baby, What's Your Shoe Size

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