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Student Who Posted "It's Better to Die of Vodka, Than to Die of Boredom" Dies From Vodka Shots

Please, drink responsibly.
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It's What's for Breakfast

breakfast wtf eww vodka funny after 12 g rated - 7834875904
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Combine The Two And Get Superpowers! Or A White Russian

milk superpowers vodka wall - 5324198144
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Tommy Guns Vodka Makes You Shoot Booze!

bottle crazy vodka - 7453370624
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Prepare Yourself for Valentine's Day

v is definitely for vodka
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No Tap, No Problem

tap there I fixed it vodka - 5850049792
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Red and Yellow Man Wasted

i'm bringing the party to iron man smirnoff The Avengers vodka wasted - 6307632640
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Some Seriously Drunk Fish

awesome fish funny vodka after 12 g rated - 8240005888
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Does it Taste Like Vodka?

android vodka brownies texting - 6827041024
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Absolut Sadness

Sad ads vodka funny - 7601866752
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Drinking Does the Body Good

brandy beer scotch wine vodka - 6726278400
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alcohol butts drinking drunk gross psa tampons teenagers vodka - 28896513

After 12 PSA: Don't Put Vodka-Soaked Tampons Up Your Butt (Or Anywhere Else)

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Betty White Isn't Messing Around

betty white vodka - 6580807680
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Isn't Vodka the Best?

absolut alcohol too drunk vodka - 6632024832
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So Many Vodkas

wtf drunk vodka funny - 7877882624
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Maybe Don't Take This to the Music Festival

water vodka bottle image Maybe Don't Take This to the Music Festival
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