After 12


Wait? Are Those Vodka Soaked Gummy Bears?

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I Know What I Said

McDonald's vodka - 7000359936
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In Russia Even the Ants Enjoy Their Vodka

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Woody Allen Loves His Vodka

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That's How You Beat Cancer

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Woo Girls Know to Go Directly to the Source

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Absolut Sadness

Sad ads vodka funny - 7601866752
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I'm More Sober than Ever!

drinking hangover Memes russia vodka - 6498338816
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Maybe Don't Take This to the Music Festival

water vodka bottle image Maybe Don't Take This to the Music Festival
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Bite Into a Vodka Gimlet

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Sometimes Life Just Ain't Right

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That's No "Water"melon

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Now That's a Reason to Have a Celebrity Relationship.

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Vodka Always Says The Sweetest Things

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The Universal "Happy Maker"

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It Doesn't Matter if You're a Pessimist or an Optimist

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