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Egyptians Knew the Dangers of Drinking

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Stevie Wonder Knows Not to Drive Drunk

he maybe blind, but not that blind
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Someone Is Getting Cornholed

never pass out while playing cornhole, you'll lose.
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Well, Is it or Isn't It?

warning this may not be gluten free, or it might be...who knows
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Come On Man, EVERYONE Looks Ridiculous At A Costume Party

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Lets Go Get "Potted Up"

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Too Drunk to Know the Difference

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Take a Hit and Breathe Easy

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Wouldn't Be St. Patrick's Day With Out a Fight

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What Else IS There?

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Justin Bieber Was Pounding Beers in South Africa

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Have You Ever Been So Drunk?

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That Can't Be Comfortable

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Scientists Are Terrible at Doing Drugs

scientist trips over acid
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Possibly the Worst Invention of All Time

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Your Mom Knows Drugs Are Bad

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