After 12


Off to Get Beer!

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Drinks and Video Games Can Lead to Someone Calling the Cops

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By demonbudgie

The Hell Is Going on Here

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Scientists Are Terrible at Doing Drugs

scientist trips over acid
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You Just Can't Get the Day Started Without One

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At Least He Covered Up for the Weather

packers fan gets drunk and is shirtless
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Is All of That 1 Dollar?

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Now That's Epically Drunk

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Pro Tip: Don't Hide Your Weed in a Container Marked "Not Weed"

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Woody McHales Renamed By LAZY New Owners.

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It's Hard to Get Doors Open When You're Drunk

you need to get in your room somehow
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I've Said That Before

news headlines are best written when you''re drunk
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Just a Fun Night Out With Some Friends

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Ever Been This Drunk?

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Take a Hit and Breathe Easy

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Someone Has Had 1 Too Many

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