After 12


bad idea eww vomit - 18661633

It Starts Out So Innocent...

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condom eww passed out sexy times - 4202419968
Created by supersymond

Eww...Don't Drink That

booty eww jeans straw - 4150465024
Created by Unknown

That's What I Think of Your Tent...

eww tent vomit - 4631506944
Created by Unknown

Go for the Full Tea Bag!

booty eww passed out - 4437536768
Created by Boozy69

It's Got a Skull on it Because it's Poison

a vodka and tequila mix
Via Texas Dood 84

Who Would Drink This?

wtf eww yogurt liquor funny - 7780604160
Created by Unknown

I Wouldn't Recommend Any of These

cocktail list from hooters in bejing is full of gross beer
Via IndianaJwns

Your Diaper is Full!

diaper eww full passed out poop shirtless - 4655275008
Created by Unknown

WHAT THE F*** Red Robin?!

wtf eww funny milkshake - 8120428544
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That Doesn't Entice Me to Drink More...

beer eww label - 8380088064
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Not What I Wanted When I Said, Lets Get Some Pizza & Beer

beer pizza eww combo funny - 7456317184
Created by Unknown

Beer, It's Got Electrolytes

beer wtf eww funny after 12 g rated - 7752383232
Created by Unknown

Classic: I Gave Him the Ol' Kung Fu

eww kung fu - 4251098368
Created by Unknown

Someone Failed Their Bathroom Check

bad idea eww toilet paper - 4154013696
Created by Unknown

Pretzel Rasberry & Chocolate... ALE?

beer rogue wtf eww funny - 7960426240
Created by Unknown