You've Been Served

computer repair,laptop,server,wtf
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From the submitter:

I confess, this is my own work. I don't need much of a web-server, so when the old one died, I recycled an old netbook with the aid of a USB drive caddy. The gaffa tape was an added bonus to keep it all together - and prompted this submission.

I'm pretty jealous, TIFI's servers are about half this size and we haven't even been able to upgrade from Scotch tape yet.

Cooling The Owie

computer repair,cooling,laptop
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Messy room? Check. Box of macaroni? Check. Laptop overheating due to large amounts of torrents? Check. Trying a terrible idea to cool down said laptop? Check.

I think it's safe to say he's in college.

~Not-So-Handy Andy

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