And the Point Is?

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"Hey guys! Hey... hey guys! Guys! Let's make a USB stick, but let's make it as unwieldy as possible! Genius!"

At Least There's a Numpad Now

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By Marcos Castro
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Because simply having the keyboard in front of you and the laptop behind you is just plain impractical.

~Not-So-Handy Andy

Mad Science Monday: A Laptop Cooler For The Ages

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From the Submitter: I made this contraption to keep my laptop from overheating. It cooled from 69ºC to 39ºC within ten minutes. And yes, those are 2.1 kV transformers. And yes, that's a roll of duct tape.

Let me label that for you:

1: Laptop that he just can't let go of. 2: Books that he tried to read and failed. The Silmarillion (left) and Ulysses (right). 2 - again? come on dude, you only had to count to 5: Anyway, mentioned above. 3. CPU fan stolen from parent's desktop. 4: The crowning achievement of the piece, almighty duct tape.