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Somebody Sign Me Up to Work in This Office

trolling memes fake office notice
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But... But You... You Used...

printers trolling ink office pranks toner - 7601953024
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Take Advantage of Every Chance to Troll

crosswalk monday thru friday manhole trolling - 8417050112
Via Acid Cow
hilarious trolling of telemarketers with just the word yes over and over.

Guy Drives Telemarketer Insane By Only Saying Yes

Well, this is incredible.
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I think my computer is trolling me...

error message trolling - 5644727040
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name monday thru friday spelling Starbucks trolling Video - 64261889

Why Starbucks Spells Your Name Wrong

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Funny artist trolls choosing beggars with bad portraits | This one pencil drawing size? A4 size 07 August, 4:02 pm So want an a4 drawing graphite pencil photo? | Have finished drawing 09 August, 12:42 pm deserve this

Artist Trolls Patrons Who Demand Free Art

That's the stuff.
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trolling ice cream Video - 140806

Ice Cream Vendor With No Chill Trolls the Sh*t Out Of This Poor Dad

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list trolling - 1009413

These Sassy Business Cards Say Things More Accurately Than a Conversation Ever Could

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trolling for breaking news
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Snow Reason Not to Try and Troll Your Way Out of Class

funny fail tweet school kids try to troll news into calling a snow day for school
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Left Work Early!

trolling cardboard - 7196827904
Created by Unknown

Hook, Line, and Sinker

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trolling photoshop prank Video g rated win trolltube - 51171841

Prank Wizards "Photoshop" Pedestrians on the Go

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The Guy in the Middle Took Up Four Parking Spots. U Mad Now, Bro?

parking trolling monday thru friday g rated - 6547162368
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letters newspaper trolling - 771333

A British Newspaper Fell for This Troll's Fake Letters Again and Again

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