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Love to Help Coworkers With Problems...

tech support trolling coworkers - 8353818368
trolling ice cream Video - 140806

Ice Cream Vendor With No Chill Trolls the Sh*t Out Of This Poor Dad

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keyboard problem trolling u mad u mad bro u mad bro? - 6256778240
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list trolling - 1009413

These Sassy Business Cards Say Things More Accurately Than a Conversation Ever Could

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Hook, Line, and Sinker

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name monday thru friday spelling Starbucks trolling Video - 64261889

Why Starbucks Spells Your Name Wrong

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How to Achieve Maximum Annoyance With Minimum Effort

annoying monday thru friday trolling ocd g rated - 8323465728
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trolling for breaking news
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Take Advantage of Every Chance to Troll

crosswalk monday thru friday manhole trolling - 8417050112
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But... But You... You Used...

printers trolling ink office pranks toner - 7601953024
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Funny artist trolls choosing beggars with bad portraits | This one pencil drawing size? A4 size 07 August, 4:02 pm So want an a4 drawing graphite pencil photo? | Have finished drawing 09 August, 12:42 pm deserve this

Artist Trolls Patrons Who Demand Free Art

That's the stuff.
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dj club list trolling - 713477

Dude Gets Mistaken for a DJ and Offered a Job, Decides to Just Roll With It

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A scammer gets trolled hard | do need having busy day and am looking forward surprise some staff with some gift cards, this goes long way keeping people motivated and want keep this confidential. Yes sir Can purchase quickly on my behalf and local store do think have around complete this purchase Text Message

Man Takes Scammer On A Crazy Ride

This is art.
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apple awesome baseball boredom creativity in the workplace cubicle boredom cubicle prank dickheads hardware ipad nerds prank sass screw you Terrifying trolling wasteful wiseass - 3461016064
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trolling scammers

Guy Wastes Scammer's Time in Brilliant Fashion While Taking Us along for One Very Amusing Ride

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trolling photoshop prank Video g rated win trolltube - 51171841

Prank Wizards "Photoshop" Pedestrians on the Go

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