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It's Nice to Reboot Every Once in Awhile

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He Writes Like That Nigerian Prince Who Asked for My Bank Account

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If You Are Not, Please GTFO

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I Take All My IT Advice From Kelly Clarkson Too

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Have You Tried Turning it Off and On Again?

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This May Save You Some Embarrassment

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The Nature of Tech Support

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Why Don't You Get It? I Just Want It Fast, Like Yours, and I Don't Want to Pay Anything

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Your Server Is a Serial Murderer

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The Exciting World of Tech Support

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An angry customer refuses to cooperate with tech support, and makes threats | r/talesfromtechsupport Join u/KrazeeLadee2 256d not restarting my modem! l'd sooner drive full 175 miles HQ punch Long Soooooo among literally thousands calls had my 4 years tech support an ISP, this guy really took cake apotheosis all those calls most infuriating yet hindsight) hilarious call ever had my life. He came on fairly quiet Saturday morning, and conversation started quite normally Good morning, this is

Belligerent Customer Won't Cooperate With Tech Support

Would've taken him 30 seconds.
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"No, No, Wait! Here's the Best Part..."

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Love to Help Coworkers With Problems...

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If You See an IT Guy Like This, Let Me Know

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The Heatsinks Aren't the Only Reason the Server Room is Warm

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The Office Space Solution

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