Monday Thru Friday


I Guess I'll Use The Other One...

broken note sign vending machine - 4416859648
Created by Unknown

Please Do Not Burn Sign

fire passive aggressive sign toilet - 4441830912
Created by okuza1

Repair Shop Rates

funny work sign Repair Shop Rates
Via beard_engine

An Inspirational Tale

monday thru friday sign work vending machine - 8142197504
Via @CaraFennec

Happy Friday! Hope You're as Excited as the Employees at This Hospital!

bathroom nurse sign - 4973734912
Via Buzzfeed

Any Day Now

monday thru friday sign work g rated - 8040003840
Via imgur

Preferable to the Original Meaning

monday thru friday yolo sign work g rated - 8101257216
Created by theresaburger ( Via Fancy_Pantsu )

*Observes Coffee Machine*

coffee machine engineers g rated Hall of Fame monday thru friday sign - 5923681024
Created by LOLdogexpert

Well, Thanks for Your Number, I Guess

for sale sign - 5042630144
Created by Unknown

An Important Distinction

monday thru friday sign work sale - 8086440448
Via imgur

A New Record!

monday thru friday sign accident safety first - 8322542080
Via theCHIVE

Repeat Ad Infinitum

sign wet floor sign - 4542114560
Created by Mark Chambers

Put This in Every Store

sign - 5012189440
Created by Unknown

Get Cold With the Power of Reading!

books cold sign winter monday thru friday - 7979055616
Via Bits and Pieces

Sorry, Michele

beer after 12 sign g rated - 8315935232
Via theCHIVE

Having Fun With Mandatory Signage

rules monday thru friday fun sign work g rated - 8152176128
Via ilovelamp72
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