Monday Thru Friday


Then It's a Party!

sign gross prank - 6936628992
Created by Unknown

Get the Perfect Decor For Your Super Bowl Party

monday thru friday sign Balloons deflategate football - 8437209344
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It Sure Feels That Way

monday thru friday parking space parking lot loser sign - 8196939776
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We Don't Cloes For Hours

monday thru friday sign open misspelling spelling - 8300927744
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Consider Me Cautious AND Aroused

sexy sign wet floor sign - 4865076736
Created by kkehoe5

Somebody Caught The Fever

Bieber Movie sign - 4451593728
Created by Unknown

Stop The Draft

literal military note sign - 4475729152
Created by romeyn

The Housing Market Is Getting Desperate

desperate house open house sign - 6041041408
Created by Unknown

So We're Closed For the Season

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Are You Sending Mixed Messages at Work?

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Some People Want More Options, Others...

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At Last, a Lamp That Won't Haunt Me

magic sign - 5028464128
Created by Unknown

Aggressive Marketing

monday thru friday sign - 8213435136
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And You Will Have to Kiss It to Change It Back

parking sign towed - 5106565888

A Cign of the Celfie Stick Times

funny fail image selfie stick spelling
Via Ben Crain

Some Poor Sap Has Been Using Cash

monday thru friday sign work vending machine - 8163567872
Via The Bored Ninja
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