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Get This on a Billboard!

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Gnarly red flags that students noticed in their classes.

Red Flags Students Noticed With Terrible Classes

Sometimes you've got to peace out.
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dramatic and interesting quiet kid moments | Chasesrabbits 20 hours ago friend mine had class college where professor offered extra credit person who could come up with best sentence using list made-up words he had found freshman papers winner quiet girl, with this gem Dude, do see chankles on girl going have go home and proiate."

Times The Quiet Kid Had Their Moment

There was always more to the quiet kid.
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Collection of random memes about dating, school, work, jobs, storms, summer, fall, drinking, anxiety, food, pizza, depression, friends, dogs, tinder, online dating.

39 Memes To Get You Back Into The Grind

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We'll Teach You Anything You Wanna Know!

school funny sign We'll Teach You Anything You Wanna Know!
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She's Actually Waving Goodbye to Her Youthful Idealism

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Welcome to the Real World

funny fail image mailman delivers diploma
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Take Notes Kids, This Teacher is a Prime Example of Being Shot Down After Hitting On Another Teacher

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All that Build Up for Nothing

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It Works Both Ways

school meme image It Works Both Ways
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Snow Reason Not to Try and Troll Your Way Out of Class

funny fail tweet school kids try to troll news into calling a snow day for school
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You Might Think Crying is Irrelevant to Statistics

sad school textbook
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Career Advice for You Youngsters Out There

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An Excellent Business Plan

monday thru friday school pizza reward - 8259631360
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job snow parody school Video teacher winter - 77715969

Listen to This Teacher's Melodic-Plea For a Snow Day as a 'Hello' Parody

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Workplace Subjectivity: Back to School Edition

back to school Chart school teachers - 5131857920
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