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Horrible parent expects too much from teacher | just don't want contacting him am not comfortable and will let him know as well. If my child is not on computer is my expectation will call and let know daily don't have time keep up with her and all this work. Again am not her teacher. If going give out zeros expect come here and help her s alI. As much as would love do ma'am is not feasible have 54 students and cannot call parents every student who is not logged on daily avoid any further

Parent Blames Teacher for Kid Not Being In Virtual Class

Cartwheeling through logical hoops over here.
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Snow Reason Not to Try and Troll Your Way Out of Class

funny fail tweet school kids try to troll news into calling a snow day for school
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Our "Absurdity" Department Just Got a new Fellowship

college doctor school wait what - 5397783296
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Teachers Aren't Always Right

school jobs teachers monday thru friday g rated - 7672459008
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Get This on a Billboard!

advertising school test - 5094725120
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school jobs heartwarming planes Video win flying - 75831553

This College Student Took His Dorm Hall Chef Flying, Because It Was On His Bucket List

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One of These Teachers is Very Committed to Honesty

school teacher quote One of These Teachers is Very Committed to Honesty
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University Life Vs. Adulthood by the Numbers

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We'll Teach You Anything You Wanna Know!

school funny sign We'll Teach You Anything You Wanna Know!
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We May Never Know

class fry futurama school - 6240543744
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Gnarly red flags that students noticed in their classes.

Red Flags Students Noticed With Terrible Classes

Sometimes you've got to peace out.
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Not Just ANY Not Dog Person, a WORLDWIDE One!

goal kids hot dog monday thru friday school parenting g rated - 8204970240
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You're an Adult, Harry

funny school image harry potter as a security guard
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Karen and Karen Jr. try to cheat the system, and get outed by Karen Jr.'s classmate | r/ProRevenge Join u/flannel_enthusiast5 6h Entitled Teacher's Kid Gets Absolutely Wrecked Hey! This is my first time posting this subreddit, but posted O r/RegularRevenge and many folks told drop here as well typically don't post anything, but felt this story too good not share also emboldened after watching some RSlash content on YouTube hope enjoy as much as did. This might take while as well. This is tale en

Karen And Karen Jr. Try To Cheat School System, Get Outed

Not this time, Karens.
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The Most Super Superintendent Takes a Pay Cut

education news salary school - 5134976768
Collection of random memes about dating, school, work, jobs, storms, summer, fall, drinking, anxiety, food, pizza, depression, friends, dogs, tinder, online dating.

39 Memes To Get You Back Into The Grind

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