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Horrible parent expects too much from teacher | just don't want contacting him am not comfortable and will let him know as well. If my child is not on computer is my expectation will call and let know daily don't have time keep up with her and all this work. Again am not her teacher. If going give out zeros expect come here and help her s alI. As much as would love do ma'am is not feasible have 54 students and cannot call parents every student who is not logged on daily avoid any further

Parent Blames Teacher for Kid Not Being In Virtual Class

Cartwheeling through logical hoops over here.
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We May Never Know

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University Life Vs. Adulthood by the Numbers

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Workplace Subjectivity: Back to School Edition

back to school Chart school teachers - 5131857920
By Ladylore

It Works Both Ways

school meme image It Works Both Ways
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Career Advice for You Youngsters Out There

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Teachers Aren't Always Right

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There is No Snapchat Filter That Could Make Your Teacher Flashing Your Class Better

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One of These Teachers is Very Committed to Honesty

school teacher quote One of These Teachers is Very Committed to Honesty
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We've All Been There

work image funny We've All Been There
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And It Doesn't Change When You Graduate (Assuming You're Lucky Enough to Be Employed, That Is)

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You're an Adult, Harry

funny school image harry potter as a security guard
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Today's 19 Most Hilarious Memes

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Listen to This Teacher's Melodic-Plea For a Snow Day as a 'Hello' Parody

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An Excellent Business Plan

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They Can Take Away the Proletariat's Whiteboard But Not Their Discontent

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