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And the Taco Bell Didn't Sell Big Macs!

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In Conclusion, Best Purchase EVER

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The Yelp Page of the Indiana's Controversial Pizzeria Got Ugly Real Fast

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Woman leaves a bad review, so the Dublic cafe owner responds with the truth | Reviewed 4 days ago |via mobile Does not live up hype As serious food lover, and follower White Moose Cafe on social media very eager try out this cafe. Unfortunately an extremely disappointing experience ordered club sandwich and worse than poor. At €9 couldn't believe poor both appearance and taste (see photo would like Zoë Dublin, Ireland 51 95 see owner focus more on improving food, rather than focusing so much on

Woman Leaves Bad Review, Café Owner Brings In The Truth

These kinds of customers are the worst.
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Best Maid Service EVER

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