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Price FAIL

price vending machine - 4992074496
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Always Read the Fine Print

monday thru friday sign price cars sale - 8427381760
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Straightforward Pricing

monday thru friday sign repair price cars g rated - 8391911424
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Target Market: People Who Are Bad at Math

monday thru friday price work food - 8120396800
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Still a Great Deal!

price monday thru friday question sign g rated - 8306567680
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There Was an Incident...

grocery store lobster price monday thru friday sign g rated - 8229436672
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Easiest Demographic to Target: People Who Are Bad at Math

price math monday thru friday work - 8158270976
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They're Not THAT Good

chips note price vending machine - 4598295040

What a Bargain

monday thru friday sports price retail - 8271558400
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The Cent That Broke the Camel's Back

pennies price - 6564035328
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apathy busted depressing dumb FAIL grammar nazi illiterate lazy mess misspelling official sign paper signs plants price Sad screw you signage spell check spelling error spelling fail typo - 3757183232
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Better Stock Up Now!

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We're Also Selling the Hope Diamond for a Tenner

price sign store value - 5217819136

The Extra Grand Is For the Apple-Shaped Logo

apple expensive Hall of Fame macbook price - 5051744000
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Prices, How Do They Work?

price monday thru friday video games sale retail work g rated - 8135451136
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That's Just a Suggestion

grocery store price soda monday thru friday - 8417073920
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