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Police. Cops. Popo. 5-O. Whatever officer might be looking for, you'll find all that here and more. These coppers will charge you up like a battery, so get a shock to your system with witty police humor.

I Need a Manhole Cover

signs butts police monday thru friday - 7318216192
Created by Unknown

Just Trying to Do My Job Here

monday thru friday mailbox mailman mail police - 8351103232
Via Dump a Day

The Donuts Just Weren't Doing the Trick Anymore

cops donuts police - 5968246784
Created by Unknown

Paging Officer Shaq!

monday thru friday Shaq Video police - 8310200320
Via NBC Washington

All Jobs Should Be Done on Rollerblades

monday thru friday work police - 8188117504
Via Acid Cow


apocalypse mayans police - 6905804032
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It's Worth a Try

crime police - 7062118912
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Say "Budget Cuts!"

police selfie - 7992164096
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Oh I'm Sorry, Officer!

arrested bacon g rated monday thru friday police Subway ticket - 6431517440
Created by Unknown

Why Do THEY Get Horses?

monday thru friday cops work bike horse police - 8093196800
Created by Unknown

These Savings Won't Last Long!

cops police sale savings - 6157018624
Created by Unknown
sexism security job list UK tweet police - 1002501

This Manchester Police Tweet is Baffling and Twitter is Having None of It

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A Corrupt Cop if I've Ever Seen One!

cop doughnuts dunkin donuts police - 6458866944
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apple art awesome co-workers not boredom cop creativity in the workplace cubicle boredom decoration food moustache police sass sculpture Terrifying wasteful weird wiseass wtf - 3545556224
Created by Unknown
twitter Video win police - 478212

Keep Calm and Casually Take Down a Suspect

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"My Bad..."

car crash car accident funny police - 7455728128
Created by Unknown
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