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Marketing vs. Reality

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Created by Unknown

I Didn't Say HOLD My Calls...

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Via Daily WTH
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Helpdesk Helper

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A Breakdown of Every Customer Service Call Ever

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Thanks for the Heads Up

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Created by butterflysteph

Hello, This is Dog Speaking

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Via Fawkes_feathers

Someone Was Cardbored...

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Created by summerofevidence

I'm Suspicious Of The Courtesy Phone

banana phone - 5911260160

A Rat's Nest Of Wires

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Created by Unknown

Keep Hanging Up Multiple Times

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Created by Unknown

No Seriously, I Mean it this Time. The Next Alarm is Going to be Nyancat

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How Many Industries Would Collapse if People Stopped Sucking at Things?

Via Mr_get_the_cream

Never Miss A Call Again

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Created by Unknown

Don't Get It Tangled!

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Created by Unknown

Stock Photo FAIL

Ad iphone nokia phone - 5095939328

Be Sure to Keep Your Phone OFF of Vibrate, Sir...

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Created by Unknown
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