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Office Swag: now that obnoxious form of miming can actually be real

g rated M thru F Office office swag phone - 5564223232
By Unknown

Also, We're Watching You...

bathroom management note passive aggressive phone poop restroom - 4580133120
By juliemae87

A Rat's Nest Of Wires

mess phone wires wtf - 5986288384
By Unknown

Thanks for the Heads Up

phone spam warning - 5332127744
By butterflysteph

P.S. I Found Your Phone!

internet connection lost and found phone smartphone - 6120981248
By Unknown

That's Where My Old Phone Went

office floor phone image That's Where My Old Phone Went
Via balgan

A Record Low For Some People

monday thru friday phone busy - 8295972608
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The Desk Phone Graveyard

monday thru friday phone - 8252334592
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customer service phone Video g rated - 65306369

A Breakdown of Every Customer Service Call Ever

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awesome boredom buttons clever creativity in the workplace cubicle boredom cubicle prank decoration hardware ingenuity labels paper signs phone prank weapon wiseass work smarter not harder - 3550009600
By Unknown

Just Call My Cell

monday thru friday work phone - 8093258752
Via Wyatt Saul

The Many Stages of Alarm

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Keep Hanging Up Multiple Times

face fist kid phone - 6010226688
By Unknown
phone - 72758273

Is There Even Really A Do Not Call List?

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You Can't Explain That

keyboard numbers phone - 5230060288

Returns Like a Boss (Read: Nerd)

phone return star wars - 4997863168
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