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The Snoolution

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What Did the Five Fingers Say to the Face?

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By Unknown
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These Embarrassing Phone Stories Range From Silly to Full On Cringe

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Marketing vs. Reality

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By Unknown

Hello, This is Dog Speaking

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But it's SO SHINY

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By Unknown

Don't Get It Tangled!

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Stock Photo FAIL

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Office Swag: Rotary on a 4G Network

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The Future is Now, But Jeb Bush Doesn't Know How to Use His iWatch

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Never Miss A Call Again

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By Unknown

Competition in the Marketplace

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By kjacobs

Be Sure to Keep Your Phone OFF of Vibrate, Sir...

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By Unknown

Excuse Me, I Have to "Make a Call..."

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No Seriously, I Mean it this Time. The Next Alarm is Going to be Nyancat

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By Unknown

Talk About Jealousy or Betrayal or Something!

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