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Is This Some Kind of Joke?

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The Most Awkward Board Room Ever

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Thanks, Friend!

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Blockbuster Tweeted the Last Rental From Its Last Store on Its Last Night, And the Customers' Selection Was Quite Appropriate

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Oops, Scarred You for Life. Our Bad!

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Just When You Thought It Was Safe to Go Back in Your Browser...

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Oh My God, It Even Has A Watermark!

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Fine, Then!

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funny memes, funny, movie memes, movies, memes, star wars, wall e, leonardo dicaprio, shrek, twilight, mulan, harry potter, lion king, batman v superman, fast and furious, lord of the rings, titanic | Rich girl lets poor man freeze death. | bald guy teams up with another bald guy fight another bald guy

Badly Explained Movie Plots That Are Technically True

Spoilers that aren't really spoilers
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star wars, star wars memes, prequel memes, star wars prequels, obi wan, jedi, the mandalorian, anakin skywalker, darth vader, funny memes, memes, funny, dank memes, nerdy memes | Pain. Suffering. Something terrible has happened. Young Skywalker is pain. Terrible pain. Its settled then will arrange therapy and support Anakin at once Written and Directed by GEORGE LUCAS | Hey, Anakin, just calling since totally forgot Youngling Jedis were thing course can just reeducate them

Spicy Star Wars Memes That Are More Fun Than The Prequels

Don't underestimate the power of the dank memes
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Things people are fans of but are ashamed of | WreckNRepeat 13.6k points 1 day ago 1984 s probably my favorite book, but never met another person whose favorite book is 1984 who wasn't completely insufferable.

Things People are Ashamed to Be Fans Of

Liking something can get complicated.
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Would You Trust HAL to Control Your Computer?

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Production Assistants Sue Paramount Because of Their Crappy Jobs

movies poop work Production Assistants Sue Paramount Because of Their Crappy Jobs
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Well That Was Disappointing

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So That's Where All the Sticky Notes Went

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You Might Want to Plug That In

movie theater needs to charge battery
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