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I Just Doubled My Salary!

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Amy Schumer Proves That if Your Broadway Show and Bartender are Great, She'll Leave a Great Tip

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Both are genius, billionaire, philanthropist, playboys--I don't know who to choose!

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"Hey Man, All I Wanted Was A Snickers..."

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Wait Just a Minute...

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A collection of the most mindless things that have been said by credit card customers.

Mindless Things Said By Credit Card Customers

Almost feel bad for them.
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My Next Office Will Look Like This

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It All Makes Sense Now

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The First Fan to Try the $100,000 Goal Promotion Makes it Look Easy

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Budgeting is For Suckers

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One Customer's Generous Tip Brought a Pizza Delivery Man to Tears

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Landlord threatens court but tenant goes anyway and wins | r/MaliciousCompliance Posted by u/bripotato 20 hours ago Ex-landlord says he'll "see court take him court instead and win. oC L Tldr; basically title. Brief backstory couple years ago an apartment with my friend and younger sister. My sister violent towards my friend and and ended up having get restraining order against her. She brought dog without permission, which caused some damage unit informed my landlord incidences violence and dam

Landlord Threatens Court so Tenant Takes Him to Court

This was a bad time to bluff.
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This Tire Shop in Lancashire's Social Media Marketing is Straight Up Accidentally Hilarious

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