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Doing a number on that keyboard. Jamming and typing and playing away, whatever you use it for, the keyboard will provide.

Keyboards for the Feet

clothing keyboard - 5168277760
By JasonTehRedneck

What Gave You That Idea?

boss keyboard lies monday thru friday g rated - 8235466496
Via Izismile

"Excuse Me, Could You Point Me to the Office Building's ESC Routes?"

computer keyboard - 6165183488
By Unknown


boredom broke broken busted computer cubicle boredom cubicle fail cubicle rage depressing derp dumb ergonomics escape FAIL hardware independence day key keyboard lame missing passive aggressive rage sass stupid trashed wiseass work smarter not harder - 3673973760
By Unknown

I Really Should Remap One or the Other

monday thru friday phone keyboard g rated - 8431789568
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The Mouse Goes Next to the Keyboard

keyboard mice monday thru friday mouse - 6065416448
By Unknown


cubicle prank keyboard pink - 4055113472
By HelenaTroy

Passive Aggressive Workers

insults keyboard - 4444246528
By zcrick86

Typesetting for the 21st Century

keyboard prank - 4374909440
By psykospot

Labor-Saving Tech

copy gifs keyboard Paste - 5094592256
By Unknown

Smoking Isn't Only Harmful to YOUR Health

dirty keyboard smoking - 4853829376
By Unknown

When Your Friend Has a Filthy Keyboard, What Do You Do While He's on Vacation?

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keyboard monday scissors - 3973554944
By Scott

Nope! I Don't Look At The Keys!

keyboard problem troll - 4614381056
By ArchieAnderson

The Mayan Keyboard: Chiching!

computer keyboard - 6078248704
By Unknown

Pimp My Cubicle

cubicle keyboard mouse pink - 4346587904
By Unknown