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You're Hired!

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Hire This Man!

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It Only Needs to Work Once

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Do the Job that's Right for You, Eh?

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Puns Will Really Take You Places

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Turn Your Passion Into a Career...Even if That Passion is Adult Film

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Involves More Sucking Up Than a Vacuum Cleaner

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"We'll Call and Let You Know"

monday thru friday job hunt facebook whose line is it anyway g rated - 8244872704
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A True Achilles Heel

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Short-Term Jobs Only

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Dreams and Jobs Are Mutually Exclusive

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It's Important to Carefully Manage Your Online Persona

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But it Was Delicious, So You're Hired!

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Some Advice for You Job Seekers

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Something Tells Me These Are Temporary Positions

monday thru friday closing sign retail job hunt help wanted - 8433374720
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This Happens Far Too Often

monday thru friday contradiction job hunt g rated - 8382376448
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