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Good Luck to You Both.....

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Bill Gates chair interview jump microsoft stunt Tech Video windows - 27284225

Rare Footage of Bill Gates at Work

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Skype Interview Etiquette: Ready From the Waist Up

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"Minion" Must Have Been in the Job Description

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Here at DerpCorp, We Don't Like to Hire People With So-Called "Flaws"

interview job application job interview resume shooting yourself in the toothpaste for dinner - 6419904256
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FAIL australia TV interview funny - 149254

Watch This Grumpy Old Dude Interrupt a TV Interview to Wage Verbal War on 'Young People'

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"So the Sun Revolves Around the Earth and North Carolina's the Coolest State in the Union?"

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And Now for Public Opinion on the Upcoming Fiscal Cliff, Here is Lobster. Lobster?

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Apparently, Noah Ritter Made Such a Splash That He Landed a Follow-Up Interview

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This 'Arby's Employee' Might Be the Weirdest TV News Interviewee Ever

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These Cardinals' Fans Have the Right Attitude at a Baseball Game

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How Badly Do You Want the Job?

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So Do I Get the Job?

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You're Hired!

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Funny job interview tips.

20 Job Interview Hacks That'll Definitely Leave An Impression

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Comics Edition: It's All Part of the Skills Test

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