Monday Thru Friday

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And Cereal and Cereal...

monday thru friday sign cereal grocery store - 8391929088
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Fun With Price Tags

grocery store I see what you did there monday thru friday price tag g rated - 8424996608
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Soda Display WIN

art grocery store display soda monday thru friday teenage mutant ninja turtles TMNT - 8266373120
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Don't Leave Your Customers in Suspense!

monday thru friday sign grocery store - 8433388288
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Sounds Delicious

monday thru friday cash register grocery store - 8364073472
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Then Someone Asked Where the "Boned" Fruit Was

monday thru friday sign work fruit boneless grocery store g rated - 8120457472
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art awesome boredom clever creativity in the workplace dickhead co-workers dickheads drug test drugs grocery store hardware high joke mess parking lot passive aggressive prank pwned sass screw you sculpture shopping carts wasteful wiseass work smarter not harder - 3679773440
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Favorite Thing to Do While Restocking the Dairy Case

monday thru friday prank grocery store g rated - 8274995968
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monday thru friday dancing mascot cow Video grocery store g rated - 68052993

More Moo-ves From Everyone's Favorite Dancing Supermarket Cow

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For Your Safety, Keep Your Signs Well-Maintained

monday thru friday sign twitter grocery store - 8284618496
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An Important Clarification

Cats grocery store cat food monday thru friday milk g rated - 8240466688
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Freshly Squeezed!

monday thru friday juice grocery store - 8329128448
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And So Succulent!

grocery store cash register monday thru friday work - 8177561856
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Must Protect the Merchandise

cheese grocery store monday thru friday work - 8123175424
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Even Worse Than "Don't Open, Dead Inside"

monday thru friday sign work you had one job grocery store g rated - 8161969152
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Please Don't Be THIS Guy

monday thru friday milk work grocery store - 8095015936
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