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Great, Now We Have to Re-Shelve the Milk Again

monday thru friday beer milk grocery store g rated - 8198134016
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The Pranking Grocery List Man Strikes Again

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Better Stock Up Now!

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Oh Snap, The Grocery Store's Getting Sassy!

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Lost a Few Letters? The Message is Still Clear, Right?

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The Art of Soda Stacking

monday thru friday pop St Patrick's Day soda work grocery store - 8106540288
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Not Just Out of Order...

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What a Novel Innovation

monday thru friday cooler sign grocery store - 8203563776
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Why Your Produce Stocker Shouldn't Be Colorblind

monday thru friday vegetables you had one job grocery store - 8377054464
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Give the Person Responsible For This a Raise!

monday thru friday work bacon grocery store g rated - 8040016896
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There Was an Incident...

grocery store lobster price monday thru friday sign g rated - 8229436672
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Encouraging Impulse Purchases

grocery store diet coke monday thru friday work - 8170662144
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It Was Less Irritating Than the Bell

cashier grocery store monday thru friday sign work g rated - 8100937984
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Can I Get a Discount on the Weird One?

monday thru friday work grocery store g rated - 8086431488
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Please Don't Be This Guy

grocery store monday thru friday g rated - 8234315008
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This Hardly Seems Necessary

monday thru friday packaging banana grocery store - 8371206400
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