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Never Thought About it That Way

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I Don't Know If That's True

funny fish signs I Don't Know If That's True
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A Scientific Warning

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Ahhh so the whole "we serve food" thing is a front for organ harvesting

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Keeping Things Organized

work funny image Keeping Things Organized
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Can I Get a Discount on the Weird One?

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The Expensive Doorstopper

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That's a Hot Deal!

stroke restaurant deals monday thru friday g rated - 6379267328
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Listen, Nobody Can Follow This Rule

bathroom farts sign fail nation g rated - 8015695104
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Let's Make This as Clear as Possible

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Sometimes the Hardest Part is Just Getting Your Foot in the Door

monday thru friday door g rated - 8270229248
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"Larry! Come Quick! Someone Finally Got the Joke!"

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The Eternal Question

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How to Achieve Maximum Annoyance With Minimum Effort

annoying monday thru friday trolling ocd g rated - 8323465728
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Not Actually the Uniform

monday thru friday poorly dressed stripes g rated - 8363203584
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