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So Uhh... Microsoft is Making Anime Commercials for Internet Explorer

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It's the Little Things That Get You Through the Day

Cookie Monster g rated Hall of Fame monday thru friday monitor wallpaper - 5873644288
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Proper and Improper Handshakes for Your Next Business Meeting

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Now Proceed in an Orderly Fashion

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"Have the Blank Name Tags Arrived Yet?"

monday thru friday name tag Target g rated - 8400237056
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No Stain on the Carpet? Then It Must Not Be a Big Deal!

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How Tech Support Does Wreaths

christmas merry christmas monday thru friday g rated - 7936285440
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Don't Make Me Get HR Involved!

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Helpful Reminder WIN

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The Best Part of the Job

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No You're Not...

pretzels monday thru friday g rated - 7683398656
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People Will Finally Volunteer to Pick Up Lunch

monday thru friday lunch g rated - 8277698816
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The 'Insane Clown Posse' Fans are Already There

downloading prison Music FAILS g rated - 6836877312
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monday thru friday work Office Video dinosaurs t rex g rated - 61172737

How Would Your Coworkers React if a T-Rex Visited the Office?

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christmas Music Office Video monday thru friday g rated - 66820353

This Holiday Remix Was Made Using Only Office Supplies

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Still a Great Deal!

price monday thru friday question sign g rated - 8306567680
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