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Go Raid the Office Stash of Binder Clips RIGHT NOW

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Adding a Little Evil Laughter to Your Morning Commute

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The Blankets Have Spoken!

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These Companies Should Adopt These Slogans Immediately

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Which are You?

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Fancy Car Commercials: Not Just For New Cars Anymore

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I Vet You Thought It Was Clever

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"Oh Mah God Do I Try!"

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Zat is 5,029,738 Points für Me!

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When You Can't Get Permission to Order a Taller Chair

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I Picked the Wrong Career Path

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I'm Honored!

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Only Carlos May Enter

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The Ol' 9 to (Factorial of the Square Root of 9 - 9/9) Grind

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Everybody Needs a Sick Day Sometimes

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For a LEGO Fan, This is Less of a Prank and More of a "Welcome Back" Present

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