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Stealth Tweeting

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By Unknown

Now I Don't Know What to Do

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By michaelhughesua

Please Confirm Your Bank Account Number Below

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By Unknown

An Easy Way to Get Fired

Via WindumArc

Life is Hard With a Giant Hole in My Stomach

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By Unknown

Fire Free

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By Unknown

Why IT Guys Go Crazy...

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By oxmancometh

The Most Controversial Graffiti Artists in the World

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By mactruck


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By Unknown


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By khansen

What We All Want To Say

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By Unknown

A Common Excuse for Being Late to Work

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Do Not Assume the Word "Snow" is Implied

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Via PanicRev

Sure, Boss!

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By Unknown

There Must Be a Better Way

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Via weallheartonedirection

This Warning Could Save Hundreds of Jobs

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Via Obi-wan__Jabroni
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